Environmental Management


Timberland Explores Feasibility of Organic Cotton Production in Haiti

  • Posted on: 3 May 2016
  • By: Bryan Schaaf

Timberland has made significant investments in reforestation in Haiti, which you can learn about in the documentary "Kombit: The Cooperative". Timberland's persistence and partnerships have resulted in five million trees (many of them fruit-bearing) being planted.   According to The Guardian, Timberland is also supporting a feasibility study to determine if Haiti could become a significant producer of organic cotton. Cotton production is not without its challenges and the jury is still out as to whether it is a crop that makes sense for Haiti. The full article follows below.  


Recycling in Haiti: Much Needed, Long Overdue

  • Posted on: 21 April 2008
  • By: Bryan Schaaf

A colleague of mine worked in Dhaka for several years, a city infinitely more crowded than Port au Prince.  Yet, Dhaka is much cleaner.  In Port au Prince, plastic bottles and trash clog the waterways creating a flooding hazard and a breeding ground for mosquitoes that transmit diseases.  It is a great place to be a goat but a hard place to be a human being.  What is the difference between Dhaka and Port au Prince? Bangladesh has recycling plants while Haiti does not.