Peaceful Cite Soleil Amid Confusion

  • Posted on: 8 February 2006
  • By: Bryan Schaaf

flowerVoting began slowly today as many stations opened well after the scheduled 6am start time. Regardless hundreds and thousands of Haitians waited in line to cast their vote. The winner is unknown at this point as officials shut themselves inside the stations to count the results, some relying on candlelight because they have no electricity.

The results are to be announced on Friday but a simple sweep through Port-au-Prince neighborhoods today showed many Haitians prominently supporting their candidates. At the 3 voting stations closest to Cite Soleil (Sonapi, Marche Cite Soleil & Bureau Circulation) the candidate of choice was obviously Rene Preval. Haitians at these voting stations complained that the confusion of voting, the last minute change in voters' polling stations and the inability to find registered voters on the voting lists was meant to keep their candidate from winning. Regardless of the results, the delays up to this point and whatever deficiencies are to come the most positive thing about the election was Haitians went to the polls peacefully. Now we just need to wait for results.

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