Peace Corps Haiti Closed

  • Posted on: 2 March 2006
  • By: Bryan Schaaf

peace corpspeace corpsIt would seem that fate isn't without a sense of humor. Not a week has passed since we rallied to put PC back in Haiti, only to learn that it has been closed for good. Last night, I attended the 45th birthday of the Peace Corps celebrated on Capitol Hill with the likes of Senators Dodd, Kennedy, and Obama, Congressmen Farr, Shays, and Honda, et al. Sergeant Shriver and Eunice were there with their son Tim, as well as PC Director Vasquez and his wife. It was, as far as the PC and the hill are concerned, a star studded event.

However, my joy was quickly dashed when I heard a rumor that the Haiti program had recently shut down. I sat and brooded for moment and then set out to ascertain its truth. While aimlessly milling about the party, I just happened to cross paths with Director Vasquez. He confirmed that the Haiti program was indeed closed, but left the window open by saying that the possibility that it may be reopened one day always exists.

I then, of course, encouraged Dir. Vasquez to consider reopening the program with a new administrative center in Cap (See my comment from Feb 28, 2006). He didn't seem offended by the notion and suggested that his "people" would contact me. Luckily, his people are the Congressional Liaison's office, whom I know well.


I was somewhat disheartened by all of this, but there was a silver lining. While speaking with a PC program officer, who was trying to console me, she let it slip that often PC will reevaluate closed programs due to RPCV pressure. We have an obligation, as RPCVs, to evaluate Haiti objectively and to see that PC does what is right.

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