H.E.L.P Haitian Art Auction in NYC (11/9/2007)

  • Posted on: 17 October 2007
  • By: Bryan Schaaf
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The Haitian Education and Leadership Program (HELP) will be holding a Haitian Art Auction on Friday, November 9th.  The location will be the Prince George Ballroom at 15 East 27th St (between fifth and Madison). 


Not familiar with HELP? HELP is Haiti's largest University Scholarship Program.  Their support is particularly important as only one percent of the population is able to pursue a college education.  Program like this help to educate and employ a new generation of leaders in a country that has haemorrhaged professionals for decades.  You can view the HELP website here and an invite for this wothwhile event here.


Not familiar with Haitian art?  Then you really are missing something.  It is among the most creative, innovative, and vibrant genres of art I have ever seen.  Below are some links you may wish to explore to learn more:


1) West India Art Gallery

2) Discover Haiti: Art

3) Haitianna

4) Galerie Nader

Haiti Innovation hopes you will consider attending this event and learning more about both education and art in Haiti.




What time will the Haitian Art Auction on Friday, November 9th start? Also is there a listing of what is being auction off?

Here's the link with all information about the auction. http://haitianeducation.org/helpinvite07.html
In brief: 7pm the event starts auction to follow. And sorry unfortunately there is not a published list of what is being auctioned off however some of the great artists are: Levoy Exil, Frantz Zephirin, Mario Benjamin, etc.

As we know, Haitian Art & Craft is very famous in the world. Please are moving to handmade jewelry, clothing and other stuff.

I want to share with you some websites where you can get latest Haitian Art & craft stuff:

1) Haitianna

2) Missionhaitiinc

3) CCBoutik

Apart from this, if you have another website. kindly share with us.


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