Bourik on Pig Latin

  • Posted on: 8 May 2008
  • By: Bryan Schaaf
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In one of Bourik’s latest hoofs to the Northeast of Haiti he ran into an old friend, 8 year old Trou du Nord heavy, Beterson. While sitting outside the hitching post, observing the normal street commotion Bourik felt a looming presence. Gently swinging his head to the right he saw Beterson shoeless and shirtless in boxers with arms crossed resting on his potbelly with the air of an old man filled with wisdom but only offering when asked. Without the normal childish excitement of an 8 year old he greeted Bourik. Then suddenly another boy about his age ran up to him and in a language similar to kreyol but cacophonous he spoke. With arms still crossed and steadiness Beterson replied in the same alien tongue. This is the story of a lesson in Jargon, Haitian Pig Latin.

BOS: What did you just say?
Beterson: LOL
BOS: What was that?
Beterson: Jargon
BOS: Jargon? What is Jargon?
Beterson: It’s a secret language.
BOS: A secret language, eh? Why do you have a secret language?
Beterson: For when you don’t want someone else to understand what you’re saying.
BOS: For example who don’t you want to understand what you’re saying?
Beterson: In school, the teacher.
BOS: Anyone else, maybe your parents?
Beterson: Yes. And when a little girl you like.
BOS: I don’t understand. Why when you like a girl? So she can’t understand what you say about her.
Beterson: No, when you like a little girl and you go up to her and talk in Pig Latin. And if she responds in Pig Latin she is cool.
BOS: Really? Ok, can you teach me pig Latin?
Beterson: Yes, go get your pen and paper.
BOS: Ok, here you take the pen and paper and write some examples.
Beterson: Oh, no. You do it. I’ll speak.
BOS: You aren’t too good at writing it?
Beterson: No not really.
BOS: So, how do you say, look at that beautiful Kreyol star apple?
Beterson:  Gaga dege begel kaga yigi migit knege yogol.
BOS: Ok, you’ll need to repeat that. And how do you say, the devil is in the street?
Beterson: Djagab nangan laga rigi yaga.
BOS: Ok, you’ll need to repeat that too. How do you say lollipop?
Beterson: Pigi wougou ligi.
BOS: Beterson?
Beterson: Bigi tege songon.
BOS: Matye?
Beterson: Maga tyege
BOS: Pantalon?
Beterson: Pangan taga longo.
BOS: I think I’m following.
Beterson: Good. Next time you pass by I’ll give you another lesson.
BOS: Thanks Beterson.


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