The Kidnapping Conundrum

By Bryan Schaaf on Dimanche, décembre 17, 2006.
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Victim If the kidnappings in Haiti have proven nothing else, it shows that no one is safe and that left unaddressed, stability and ultimately development will not take place.

Gangs have brazenly announced they would be targeting women and children. True to their word, there has been an upsurge - culminating in the abduction of a bus of school children as well as a temporary abduction of a Senator that was resolved fairly quickly. Read more »

Haitian Police Call for Help from Caribbean Neighbors

By Anonymous on Dimanche, décembre 10, 2006.
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policeAccording to a recent news report, at the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police at Amaryllis Beach Resort on Tuesday of last week, Haitian Nation Read more »

Disarmement: a Long-Term Process

By Bryan Schaaf on Dimanche, septembre 10, 2006.
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bullets I've been reading with great interest the efforts of the international community to encourage gang members in the slums of Port au Prince to disarm. To my knowledge, there has never been as concerted an attempt to provide gang members with incentives to disarm. At present, gang members who disarm are provided with cards that entitle them to food and other benefits for a set period of time. Read more »

Giving Up Already...

By Anonymous on Mardi, août 22, 2006.
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prioritiesIn less than a week’s time, the once cautiously optimistic decision by Haitian gangs to disarm has been abandoned. Read more »

Environmentalist Gangs?

By Anonymous on Mercredi, décembre 28, 2005.

gangsNPR is to run a two day series on Haiti. Follow this link to hear today's episode titled, "Fighting Gangs to Save a Port-au-Prince Forest."

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