NEWS ALERT - Jean-Juste in Miami

By Anonymous on Dimanche, janvier 29, 2006.

Port-au-Prince – Today, the Reverend Jean Juste was taken by Haitian Government officials to the airport where he was taken to Miami to receive treatment for Leukemia, a six-month battle that has seemingly taken a turn for the better (see my last post here).

Embassy officials reported that Friday the Haitian Justice ministry ordered that Jean Juste be taken to the Canape Vert Hospital to be seen by doctors. However, after being transported by Haitian Red Cross, with both HNP and MINUSTAH security, the hospital refused his admission. Citing lack of paperwork, and the fact that the oncologists were reported not on the premises, Jean Juste was taken back to his Pacot Police Annex Prison.

Reports indicate that Under Secretary for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns played a significant roll in the negotiations for Jean Juste’s release. Saturday it was decided that Jean Juste would be taken on the first plane Sunday back to his home in Miami.

The embassy also reported that world renowned, Dr. Paul Farmer of Partners in Health arranged for Jean Juste’s admission into the University of Miami Medical Center. News from Miami report that a large rally recently celebrated Jean Juste’s release, present at the rally was Congressman Meek (see his press release here).

While Jean Juste can breathe a little easier, he now has a long, hard road ahead combating cancer. It is also appropriate to mention the hundreds, if not thousands, of other inmates in Haiti that are victims of the sluggish and often misguided judiciary. Our prayers are with them all.

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