Pre-elections: Day 1

By Anonymous on Friday, February 3, 2006.
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Port-au-Prince, Haiti – I arrived today without incident. Stepping from the plane, I was greeted by the familiar smell of burning rubbish and the faint sound of rah-rah drifting on a swift ocean breeze.

Armed Escort through Port-au-Prince

Nearing the door of the Toussaint Louveture International Airport, a welcoming band started up and MINUSTAH dotted the tarmac. I was immediately taken to the diplomatic lounge and then shown to vehicle that would take me to the Norwich Mission House, where I am writing this blog. My escort consisted of one driver and two armed contractors based out of Virginia. Both were former Marines and had recently left Iraq wanting to return soon. Read more »

Jean Juste Asks for Patience

By Anonymous on Thursday, February 2, 2006.

Jean-Juste in Miami With two security guards posted outside of his room, I was able to visit Father Gérard Jean-Juste today at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. He had recently undergone a biopsy on his neck, where a large growth had emerged in recent weeks while he was imprisoned in Pacot, Haiti. Read more »

Non-Profit Undermining US Foreign Policy?

By Matt Marek on Tuesday, January 31, 2006.

bdcMonday evening of this week, one of Haiti Innovation's own, Ambassador Brian Dean Curran, an advisor to this organization, was featured in a NYTimes documentary special, Haiti: Democracy Undone. Read more »

NEWS ALERT - Jean-Juste in Miami

By Anonymous on Sunday, January 29, 2006.

Port-au-Prince – Today, the Reverend Jean Juste was taken by Haitian Government officials to the airport where he was taken to Miami to receive treatment for Leukemia, a six-month battle that has seemingly taken a turn for the better (see my last post here). Read more »

Security and Development

By Bryan Schaaf on Sunday, January 29, 2006.
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Soldier with ChildIs development really sustainable without security? It’s the component of development in Haiti that is most often overlooked by the larger international and governmental development agencies. Is a maturing civil society possible when the security situation continues to get worse? The security situation seems to be at a plateau now and could improve or deteriorate. Now is a good time for us to look for answers. Iraq, Afghanistan, and Haiti are interesting comparison studies as we discuss this issue. Read more »

HII Board Member to Observe Elections

By Anonymous on Friday, January 27, 2006.
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glassOn Friday of next week, I will travel to Port-au-Price to begin training as an official election observer. The six-day trip will begin with security and observation training. I will then be paired with a State Department employee to begin outreach activities in communities throughout the city. Details beyond my first couple days are still forthcoming; however, I should have nightly access to the Internet, so expect to see daily updates of the election begining February 3rd. I hope to provide details you might not otherwise hear or see reported in the news. If you have any questions, feel free to continue to contact me at Read more »

The Crisis That Haitian Women Are Facing in Haiti Today

By Anonymous on Monday, January 23, 2006.
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With a climate of growing insecurity and increasing violence in Haiti today, women are facing insurmountable challenges. In Haiti, women are looked upon as a form of social protection or glue for their family. In fact, they support a large majority of Haiti’s economic activities in the non-formal sector which makes up 75% of Haiti’s economy. Read more »

Sowing Seeds or Plowing the Sea?

By Bryan Schaaf on Sunday, January 22, 2006.
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seaIt would be naive of me to suggest that there is not growing frustration in the diverse community of individuals and groups that care about Haiti and are working with Haitians to build a better tomorrow. Security continues to erode and elections, merely the first step in establishing a participatory democracy, are delayed regularly. Is development possible without a transparent, accountable government that represents the long term needs of the people instead of the short term gain of politicians? Read more »

Securing Energy through Biofuels

By Anonymous on Saturday, January 21, 2006.

grassUpdated: Follow this link to read the most recent article from Haiti Innovation on biofuels [link]. The biggest environmental stories of the last several years have been energy security and climate change. Now, an op-ed in the Miami Herald says that Haiti might be able to supply the Dominican Republic with biofuels while strengthening its own economy and mitigating the increased greenhouse gases that can accompany economic development. Read more »

Priest Cleared of Murder, is Judicial Reform in Sight?

By Anonymous on Saturday, January 21, 2006.
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jean juste 2Port-au-Prince, Haiti – Friday, the Reverend Gèrard Jean-Juste, the once presidential hopeful and later declared prisoner of conscience, was cleared of murder and kidnapping of the prominent Le Matin journalist, Jacque Roche but was indicted on two lesser counts of conspiracy and illegal weapons possession. Read more »