Haiti Micah Project

Haiti Micah Project Initiates Child Sponsorship Program

By Bryan Schaaf on Thursday, April 9, 2009.

The Haiti Micah Project (HMP) is a non profit organization which is providing one meal per day for 150 vulnerable children in the town of Mirebalais, plus uniforms and tuition for their education and medical care.  Recently, HMP rented a two-building compound to house up to 25 of the most vulnerable, most of whom are street children.  The opening of this facility is scheduled for mid to late April 2009.  In order to expand the program, HMP recently announced the creation of a Child Sponsorship Initiative. Read more »

Haiti Micah Project Update (8/9/2008)

By Bryan Schaaf on Saturday, August 9, 2008.

The Haiti Micah Project (HMP) was established in 2005 by Father Joseph Constant, a Haitian Priest who was born in Mirebalais and is now living and working in Virginia.  Like many in the Haitian Diaspora, Father Constant wanted to give back to his hometown and his country.  He established a feeding program for street kids and other vulnerable children as a first step toward meeting their basic needs which include shelter, water, health care, education, vocational training and spiritual/emotional support.  HMP is growing and this blog provides an update of their activities. Read more »

I Have Twenty Dollars - How Can I Help Fight Hunger in Haiti?

By Bryan Schaaf on Thursday, May 1, 2008.

In response to queries from readers, the first "How Can I Help" blog was devoted to volunteering.  With increasing food insecurity in Haiti, we have received many inquiries from caring people who want to do their part to improve the situation.  Many have offered to hold food drives - but Haiti is in this situation because it does not grow enough food and has depended on importation for far too long.  Your support will go farther if, instead of sending food, you make a contribution to an organization that is already on the ground in Haiti.  Below are organizations that are fighting hunger in Haiti and are reputable and effective.  With your support, they can reach more people. Read more »

Haiti Micah Project Update - Making a Difference in Mirebalais

By Bryan Schaaf on Sunday, January 20, 2008.

When someone says 'philanthropy', I am concerned that it conjures up images of celebrities and investors. All who support social causes are philanthropists.  Some prefer to support established organizations with a global reach.  Others like to support smaller organizations with the potential to grow.   Haiti Micah Project (HMP), serving vulnerable children in Mirebalais, is an organization poised to expand significantly in 2008. Read more »

Haiti Innovation Hits the Road

By Bryan Schaaf on Monday, February 13, 2006.

roadHaiti Innovation is a proud member of the Haiti Task Force, a team of organizations active in Haiti that are devoted to fostering collaborative partnerships. This group includes Haiti Innovation, the Haiti Micah Project, and the Louverture School and is facilitated by Father Joseph Constant, and Episcopalian Priest who works at the Virginia Theological Seminary. Read more »

Haiti Micah Project Launches Website

By Anonymous on Monday, September 26, 2005.

Haiti Innovation is pleased to announce the launch of the Haiti Micah Project Website. “The Haiti Micah Project is a nonprofit Christian organization committed to addressing the needs of impoverished and uneducated street children in Haiti by meeting their most basic needs - shelter, food, clean water, health care, education, vocational training and emotional well being.” Started in 2004, the Haiti Micah Project is meeting the needs of street children in the town of Mirebalais, by providing permanent housing, education, and most importantly, providing a safe and loving environment. Haiti Innovation is proud to support The Haiti Micah Project and the great work they are doing to help the street children of Haiti.Go to www.haiti-micah.org to learn more about the Haiti Micah Project and to find out how you can help. Read more »